As a lot of Pest Management companies open and close in a few years, Astro Termite and Pest Control has stood since 2000 providing the best quality service and staying competitive in cost.


"We at Astro choose to go above and beyond for our customers because they are why we continue to be in business year after year." -Marco Herrera Branch Manager


This Exclusion (Shown above) is 1/4 inch screen, placed over a vent escape to keep rodents from ever even entering the home. There are many other methods to prevent pests from entering, each tailored to your specific service.


We all know keeping your place clean is a great to prevent pests issue. But what happens when that is not enough. We have materials and information we can provide you with to fortify your home base and keep bugs/rodents out.


Once it is too late for prevention and there is no time to waste, it is time to take action. Call us immediately if you have found an existing pest problem. we can inspect, quote and render service, all in the same visit.

Living in southern California, a common pain in the neck for property owners is the dreaded TERMITE. They live in the soil and 2 times a year come out to "Swarm", striking fear into the hearts of the people who find them or their evidence (Drywood Termite evidence to the left) in their homes. Fear no more, with one phone call we will schedule a free visual inspection, and give you a full assessment of the situation. Many times we can render a "Local" treatment and send these guys packing for a fraction of a full fumigation.


Last but certainly not least, Bed Bugs. These insects have boomed in the last 5 years,  mainly because they move at the rate of humans. Not because they move as fast as we do, but because we carry them around sometimes without even realizing it. This parasite is nocturnal, and is living in millions of beds, couches, pieces of luggage, bedding, and clothing as we speak. Called "Hitch-hikers" because they cling on to new hosts as soon as they sense fresh bool. The anesthesia like saliva numbs your wound until they are long gone and you wake up with only questions, "Is it a spider bite? Mosquitoe? Fleas?" Don't stay in the dark too long. (Thats how they like it) Call us and we'll shed some light on the situation and let you knwo if they are to blame.



If you are having a problem with any other type of animal or pest not shown here, give us a call. With 25 years+ of experience our technicians and staff have the knowledge and equipment to eliminate almost all other kinds of pests out there.

*Big Foots not included*

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